Season two of Dexter comes to an end tonight.

Season two has seen some rough times for Dexter. He started attending Narcotics anonymous meetings (No, he is not a drug addict), he lost his girlfriend, picked up a new one…one that is insane (literally), had his body stash found, is being hunted by the police and FBI and found out some unsettling details about his mother and foster father.

Well, it all wraps up this Sunday as the season comes to an end.

As we head into the finale, Dexter has started to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend Rita. But Lila is aware of this and unwilling to let go of Dexter, whom she feels is her soulmate. While love can often be complex and messy, it is even tougher when
A) You are a serial killer
B) One of the ladies is INSANE! We are talking cracked, nuts, willing to kill to get what she wants or die if she does not. Attractive? Sure, she is lovely and has that a killer British accent (What can I say, we Americans are suckers for a British accent) but still does not offset the fact that she is a lunatic.

While I have a pretty good idea what is going to happen, the power of the show is such that I still can’t wait to still it play out.

The finale will be followed up by a discussion with the cast and crew. Dexter has become Showtime’s biggest hit so it seems a lock that Dexy and crew (Well, some of them, since I am pretty sure that not all will survive the finale ) back for more.