Gail Simone
DC Comics

Gail Simone rocks. I enjoy everything she writes, but her work here is amazing. She has taken a group of bad guys, minor and underused ones at that, and turned them into a group of compelling characters in the best anti-hero tradition. While many of the super hero trappings are present it is really the human stories that make this work. The interactions between these totally dysfunctional people and how they form a sort of family. It’s really more of a caper book, kind of like the Italian Job, or something written by Elmore Leonard. i also love the fact that the characters don’t seem to really care about much, but they keep going forward almost drawn by a code they didn’t know they had.

Nicola Scott does a great job on the art. It’s clean and she does a wonderful job with expressions. I went through a second time with out reading just to enjoy the art.
if you are not reading this, you should be.