Severn House April to July releases

The fine folks at Severn House have sent us a list of their hardcover releases through July. Time to see if your favorite author has a book coming out.

Author Title Series Title Number in Series Publication Date
Buckley, Fiona A Rescue For A Queen An Ursula Blanchard Mystery 11 Available now
Fraser, Sara Til Death Do Us Part A Thomas Potts Historical Mystery 5 Available now
Hambly, Barbara Good Man Friday A Benjamin January Mystery 12 Available now
Peacock, Caro The Path of the Wicked A Liberty Lane Mystery 6 Available now
Rowson, Pauline Undercurrent A DI Andy Horton Mystery 9 Available now
Cooper, Susan Rogers Dark Waters A Milt Kovak Mystery 10 1-May-13
Dams, Jeanne M. Murder at the Castle A Dorothy Martin Mystery 13 1-May-13
Grant, Barry Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein’s Diary   4 1-May-13
James, Bill Play Dead A Harpur & Iles Mystery 30 1-May-13
Jones, J. Sydney The Keeper of Hands A Viennese Mystery 4 1-May-13
Nickson, Chris At the Dying of the Year A Richard Nottingham Mystery 5 1-May-13
Simon, Clea Grey Dawn A Dulcie Schwartz Mystery 6 1-May-13
Smith, Frank Night Fall A Neil Paget Mystery 10 1-May-13
Ashford, Jeffrey Damned by Logic     1-Jun-13
Brett, Simon A Decent Interval A Charles Paris Mystery 18 1-Jun-13
Brown, Eric Murder by the Book A Langham and Dupre Mystery 1 1-Jun-13
Fraser, Anthea The Unburied Past     1-Jun-13
Gordon-Smith, Dolores Blood From a Stone A Jack Haldean Mystery 7 1-Jun-13
Gregson, J.M. Brothers’ Tears A Percy Peach Mystery 17 1-Jun-13
Jones, Merry Outside Eden A Harper Jennings Mystery 4 1-Jun-13
Myers, Amy Classic Mistake A Jack Colby Mystery 4 1-Jun-13
Oldham, Nick Bad Tidings A Henry Christie Mystery 19 1-Jun-13
Sedley, Kate The Christmas Wassail A Roger the Chapman Mystery 22 1-Jun-13
Turnbull, Peter Gift Wrapped A Hennessey and Yellich Mystery 23 1-Jun-13
Clare, Alys Land of the Silver Dragon An Aelf Fen Mystery 5 1-Jul-13
Cutler, Judith Guilt Edged A Lina Townend Mystery 6 1-Jul-13
Masters, Priscilla The Final Curtain A Joanna Piercy Mystery 11 1-Jul-13
Pearce, Michael The Bride Box A Mamur Zapt Mystery 17 1-Jul-13
Randisi, Robert J. You Make Me Feel So Dead A Rat Pack Mystery 8 1-Jul-13