Severn House Crime releases August through November.

Below are the upcoming releases from the fine folks are Severn House. More information can be found at their site.

August 13th
Guttridge, Peter The Devil’s Moon (Brighton Series 4)

Hall, Patricia Dressed To Kill (A Kate O’Donnell Mystery 3)

Heley, Veronica Murder with Mercy (An Ellie Quicke Mystery (14)

Helton, Peter Worthless Remains (A Chris Honeysett Mystery 5)

Talley, Marcia Dark Passage (A Hannah Ives Mystery 12)

September 13
Adams, Jane A. Secrets (A Naomi Blake Mystery 8)

Collett, Chris Blood and Stone (A Tom Mariner Mystery 6)

Spencer, Sally Blackstone and the Endgame (A Sam Blackstone Mystery 10)

October 13
Black, Lisa The Price of Innocence (A Theresa MacLean Mystery 6)

Cooper, Susan Rogers Gone in a Flash (An E.J. Pugh Mystery 11)

Edwards, Martin Deadly Pleasures Anthology (CWA Anthology 3)

Ison, Graham Hardcastle’s Traitors (A Hardcastle and Marriott Historical Mystery 11)

Pilkington, John Marbeck and the King-in-Waiting (A Martin Marbeck Mystery 2)

Russell, Kirk Die-Off (A John Marquez Mystery 5)

Shaber, Sarah R. Louise’s Dilemma (A Louise Pearlie Mystery 3)

Trow, M.J. Crimson Rose (A Kit Marlowe Mystery 5)

Wishart, David Solid Citizens (A Marcus Corvinus mystery 14)

November 13
Balzo, Sandra Murder on the Orient Espresso (A Maggy Thorsen Mystery 8)

Eccles, Marjorie A Dangerous Deceit

James, Bill Noose 

Johnston, Paul The Black Life – Jewish collaborators in the Holocaust (An Alex Mavros Mystery 6)

Kelly, Jim The Funeral Owl (A Philip Dryden Mystery 7)

Rowe, Rosemary Dark Omens (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain 14)