"Sexiest Women on Television in 2008"

Dan, over at Dan’s Media Digest, has put together his 2008 list of the sexiest women on television.

If you like hot women, you might want to check out his rankings. Mr. Dan does this each year and includes the previous year’s ranking.

I should point out that Mr. Dan is from the U.K., so some of his picks might not be as well known to those of us from the U.S.

The list goes from 1-40 and is broken into groups of ten.

I will not reveal who is where, but Dexter, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lost, Heroes and The Mentalist are among the shows whose stars made the list.

Check out 31-40.
Check out 21-30
Check out 11-20
And the Top Ten.

Apparently I need to watch some British television…that and Battlestar Galactica.

To left if Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, one of forty lovely ladies to make the list.