SGT. ROCK next comic book film sensation?

It looks like DC Comics’ World War II ass-kicker Sgt. Rock may be heading to the movies.

According to Heat Vision, Rock will be leaving WW II and heading to the future. Now exactly what is meant by “the future” is not known, it does not offer any time period. I am guessing it would be set in the modern day, but that is not specifically stated.

Sgt. Frank Rock led Easy Company and first appeared in 1959 in a comic called “Our Army at War”. In 1977, the name was changed to SGT. ROCK and it continued until 1988.

Francis Lawrence is slated to direct. Lawrence’s resume includes CONSTANTINE, I AM LEGEND and music videos for GREEN DAY and Jennifer Lopez. None of that has me too excited, but he also produced/directed KING, the short-lived, yet fairly good, NBC alternate reality series that was a retelling of King David. Lawrence has a number of other projects in development, including a prequel to I AM LEGEND (Leave it alone!) and film versions of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (Sara Gruen) and SURVIVOR (Chuck Palahniuk).

The screenplay is being handled by Chad St. John. Chad has not had any projects come to fruition, but he has done scripts for a remake of OUTLAND and for Frank Miller’s RONIN graphic novel.