SHARK SKIN SUITE: A Chance to win the latest from Tim Dorsey

Tim Dorsey’s first Serge Storms book came out in 1999, FLORIDA ROADKILL. He has over the years grown a very large and loyal audience with his series. I believe there are a number of reasons for this. Serge is a great character. He’s nuttier than a fruitcake, but he also has a very strong moral compass and coupled with his intelligence, well, let’s just say you don’t want to be a bad guy who pisses him off. While technically I guess he’d be called an anti-hero because we shouldn’t condone violence to his credit he only kills people who actually deserve it. Serge has his adventures with his pal Coleman who is like the anti Serge. Serge is a bit hyper, Coleman doesn’t want you to harsh his buzz man. The inter play between the two is gold.

Through Serge Tim Dorsey brings another powerful tool to his writing. In each book we get history and trivia about Florida that is super entertaining. One book they were going to place visited by Lynyrd Skynyrd through the book. Crimespree crew member Dan and Kate (The moral compass of that pair) were recently in Florida and Dan was given a copy of Florida Roadkill which he read leading up to and into the trip. He said it really made the experience more entertaining in a weird Kerouac meets Dexter kinda way. I’ve been to Florida a number of times, but visiting once a year or more with Tim and Serge as my travel guides letting me live through them is a treat I look forward to.

The latest in the series is SHARK SKIN SUITE and it’s just come out from William Morrow. As it happens Serge has been watching a lot of legal thriller movies, most of them set in Florida, and he decides that being a lwyer would be great fun and he could really help. Not having a degree or license is going to slow him down. And ex of Serge named Brook happens to be a lawyer with a big case coming up. She has been going after bankers who foreclose on people and kick them out of their homes. Her latest case is a big class action that is about to get down and dirty, lucky for her Serge is determined to help the cause of justice. Not so good for the other guys!

It’s loads of fun and a great ride right up to the epic conclusion. Go forth and get this book.

Or, as it happens we have a few copies that the nice folks at William Morrow shared with us and we want to share with you. We’ll draw a few names a week from today and send them out.

Email to with SHARK! In the subject line and your mailing address in the body.

One way or another, GET THIS BOOK!!!