Showtime looking to get creepy with PENNY DREADFUL.

Premium cable channel Showtime is putting together a potentially fascinating series based on classic literary characters such as Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster, Dorian Gray, and Count Dracula.

Acclaimed filmmaker Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall, Road to Perdition) is teaming with John Logan to produce PENNY DREADFUL. Right now, Josh Harnett (THE FACULTY, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN) and Eva Green (THE DREAMERS, CASINO ROYALE) are the only actors attached. Hatnett will play Ethan Chandler, who is described as a “charming and brash” man of “action and daring.” Green is slated to play Vanessa is “enigmatic with haunted eyes” and will join Hartett as a principal recurring character.

Production is slated to begin in October and the series will debut in the Spring of 2014.