Shutter #1
Image Comics
Written by Joe Keatinge
Art By Leila Del Duca

Deep down everyone hopes there’s more to our world. That secrets lurk in shadows and creatures hide in corners all to be seen out of the corner of our eye. “Shutter” lives in one of those fantastic worlds where there are people looking for the astonishing answers. And what happens when there are no more answers to be found.

When Kate Kristopher was a little girl her father took on trip. Somewhere no other little girl had been. They went to the moon. Her father was an explorer for the extraordinary. Throughout their family line they were the people who sought solutions to the mysteries of the universe. It was Kate’s turn and they set off together, father and daughter, to raid tombs, hunt relics, challenge the unknown and crusade to the last day.

Kate is now an adult and the world is no longer a mystery. Everything that can be discovered has been discovered. It’s a gorgeous, incredible world where she doesn’t have a place in any more. She’s a minor celebrity just making her way like any other person, which for someone who’s known an unbelievable life isn’t easy to do. However, no one ever truly gets out. And she gets pulled back in.
To say this is one of the best first issues I’ve read in years would be an understatement. The book is instantly charming and absorbing. Writer Joe Keatinge perfectly sets up who Kate is, what she’s about and the world around her in just a few pages. The script is just beautiful. You get so much from this one issue. It will pull anyone in. It will pull anyone in. I love this dynamic of father/daughter explorers, even if the father has passed on. It’s a strength of Keatinge’s writing making us feel so much for these characters so quickly.

Leila Del Duca is the new superstar of comics. Her art is so stunning. It’s everything one wants from a comic book. Looking at it makes me smile. It can make cold hearts warm. You will keep rereading this issue obsessing over the art, waiting on edge for the next issue. That’s what “Shutter” will do. It will take you and keep you. This secret needs to be shared because this book is for everyone.