SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR DVD set for November 18th

Robert Rodreguiz and Frank Miller have finally re-teamed and returned to the noir world of SIN CITY. A Dame To Kill For did not thrill audiences like the first film, but I still totally dug the style.

Scandal, murder, betrayal and mystery surround the lives of several people who are swept up in a crime-filled underworld. Dwight McCarthy aides his former love interest, Ava Lord, to leave her abusive husband only to find himself caught up in a sinister plot. Meanwhile, a young man named Marv wakes up on a highway surrounded by dead bodies, with no memory of how he got there. In a nearby casino, a gambler named Johnny finds his luck takes a turn for the worse when he tries to destroy a local crime boss. In the midst of all the chaos, Nancy Callahan plots to avenge her dead husband by killing Senator Roark, whom she blames for his death.

Extras include:
The Movie In High-Speed Green Screen—All Green Screen Version’,
‘Makeup Effects Of Sin City With Greg Nicotero’
‘Stunts Of Sin City With Jeff Dashnaw’
‘Character Profiles’.”

MRP is $39.99 for the BD/DVD combo pack.