SJ Rozan presents Lydia Chin’s New York 2012 calendar

Others may have done it before, but this is the first time I have seen a mystery author do a calendar.

Award-winning author, and all-around fine lady, SJ Rozan has put together a calendar, featuring her own photograph, of the New York City of her protagonist Lydia Chin.

SJ has, over the years, developed a love of photography. Over the years, fans have asked about a possible coffee table book. After seeing a friend’s calendar, SJ decided to do one of her own.

I asked SJ how much time went into pairing photos to months:

Way too much; that was the fun part. I have many, many photos in all sorts of categories. The fact that this was NYC through Lydia’s eyes narrowed it a lot — no Gobi desert, no noir-ish taverns — but I still had a large number to pick through. Some, like the paper dragon for January and the lights for December, seemed obvious. Others took trial and error. The rejects might find themselves on the pages of 2013…

The calendar goes for $15 and is available through