SJ Rozan Signs Two Book Deal for Supernatural Suspense Series

After winning virtually ever mystery award there is for her P.I. novels, SJ Rozan has decided to step out of her comfort zone and tackle the world of supernatural suspense.

SJ has signed a two-book deal with Blue Rider Press. The books will be co-written with Rome-based university professor Carlos Dews. The details of the nature of the books is being kept underwraps, but SJ did suggest that Carlos’ current location (Rome) might be connected.

What prompted this foray into the world of things that go bump in the night? SJ: “I want here to give a tip of the hat, also, to Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner, who asked me for a supernatural story for HOME IMPROVEMENT, whereby I found out what a kick it was to write ’em. I think what’s happened is, I’ve unleashed my long-buried DC/Marvel reader, my Tolkien addict. Which this book — this series — is nothing like. But the impulse is the same.”

While not a name in the world mystery, Dr. Dews is quite accomplished in the world of acadamia. He is currently Chair of the Department of English Language and previously was Literature at John Cabot University and previously was the Founding Director of the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians at Columbus State University and has a MFA in fiction writing, an M.A. and Ph.D in American Literature and a B.A. in humanities.

Not only is this SJ’s first novel outside of the traditional mystery genre, but it is also her first collabrative effort. “I never thought I was the co-writing type, but now I’m addicted.” SJ said, “At least, to MY co-writer. (He’s mine, you can’t have him.) I never thought I was the supernatural type, either, but this idea, which originated with my writing partner, is such a doozy — a Dewsy? sorry, Carlos, couldn’t resist — that writing it, as hard as writing always is, is also a blast.”

While no date has been set, the two are midway through the first book and expect to release it in 2013.