Smallville and Heroes

Labor day weekend started for Ruth and I around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. We turned on the DVD player and popped in Smallville. We’de been watching season one all week and started season 2 thursday night. Friday night we started the mother of all marathons. We watched straight through to Saturday am around 8:00, picke up again around noon straight through to 10:00 on Snuday morning and then resumed around 1:00. We finished off with the season 5 finale Monday night around 8:oo pm.
For those of you not in the know, Smallville is the story of Superman before he became Superman.
Having never seen the show We decided to give it a shot after finding the disc on sale. Half way done with seaason one I bought 2,3,4 and 5. It’s addictive as hell.

The fanboy in me loves so much of this. The first time Clark Kent uses his heat vision and guest stars from the DC Comics universe like the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg really were great.
But the show is so much more. I love the relationship between Clark and his parents. I love seeing him struggle with decisions about who to trust and moral problems and doing things that will shape who he later will become.
Michael Rosenbaum is amazing as Lex Luthor, this actor will go far.

Tom Welling as Clark is another great discovery. Truthfully I think the only weak link in the casting is Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, she doen’t possess a lot of depth and seems to have only two moods.
All sorts of little things make the show great, an homage to Buffy and the movie Flatliners, a tiny secene with John Schnieder in the truck with the Dukes Of Hazard theme on the radio, and Jane Seymour as a bad guy. I also love the cameos from Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder. The early days of Clark nd Lois are so great, the rapport between the two is magic.

With all tha wonderful things that make this great it’s hard to pinpoint only one reason why I love it. During a conversation with comics writer Brian Azarello (100 Bullets) he said “Do you know what makes it great? It’s that you kow how it’s going to end.”
And the more I think about it it the more I see he’s right. The show is building to the point when Clark makes the decision to become Superman, and eventually Lex will do something so bad he can be nothing but a villian.

And the upcoming season has the fanboy in me screaming like a girl, a genuine superhero teamup coming!

This is amazing television and what is so cool is that it is comic book stories with out the costumes.

Which leads me into Heroes. Jeoph Leob is involved in both shows, so it’s no surprise I love them both. I think Loeb is a genius.

Heroes builds perfectly giving you glimpses of what is coming. You just know while you watch that every person you are watching has the potential to do that one thing that will be truly heroic.
The show works on a great idea, the thinking that humans are evolving and that more and more humans possess a gene which will allow them to develop powers. And being more true to reality than comics it the thinking that instead of being adored you would be feared makes it all to realistic.
The writers don’t dumb it down and expect the viewer to keep up. And as exciting as it is it’s not hard to do just that. I love everybody on the show and I can’t wait for season 2.

Season1-5 of Smallville are already out and 6 comes out in two weeks.
heroes Season one is out now as well.