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Smokin’ Aces prequel has a title and is moving forward.

On his web site, Joe Carnahan announced the name of the forthcoming prequel to his 2006 film Smokin’ Aces. It will be called Smokin’ Aces: Blowback. Carnahan has previously described it as “pretty ambitious picture action-wise and has a wonderfully unique political skew.”

According to the posting, Universal has green lighted the film with no real changes.

The plan is to get it started pre-strike. That could be tricky because Carnahan just started pre-production on his big screen version of James Ellroy’s White Jazz.

No word on who will be in Blowback, but Joe did say this:

“I’d love to find a way to work our regulars into cameos in the flick. I’ve put
my mind to this and we’ll devise something slick to give some camera love
to the loyalists.”