SNAPSHOT – by Andy Diggle and Jock



I just read issues one and two of a great new crime comic by Andy Diggle and Jock, author and artist respectively.

Set in San Francisco we open on a kid on a bike tooling around Golden gate park on his way to work. Along the way he finds a cell phone, drops it in his pocket and keeps going.

This is the event that just sent Jake’s life spiraling our of his control. One thing and his life is now forever altered.

We soon discover that Jake works in a comics shop and he and his pal Steve are pretty typical kind of guys, they banter and joke and share things in common, work for a living and do what they should.  Until the phone.

Jake you see decides to look through the phone and what he discovers is bad news, above the fold, film at eleven bad news. It doesn’t take long before people start looking for him and the phone. Guns come out bullets get fired and Jake runs, and bikes and runs.

Jake meets a girl who also appears to be running and hiding, but she is also hunting. Someone hurt her Dad and these same people are after Jake. It’s a really nice take on one of Hitchcock’s favorite themes, an everyman in trouble, and it’s done perfectly.

So, the story rocks. It rocks with volume on the amp to eleven. How about that art? Well I’ll tell you. Jock is a perfect artist for this kind of story, the look of surprise and horror on people’s faces, the feeling of people really hauling ass when they move, the shadows have depth and the days feel sunny, all in black and white. THE ART IS AMAZING!

yes, I like the art.

Well, I’m hooked. I want issue 3 and 4 RIGHT NOW. And I also hope to see more of Jake, if he makes through these four issues of SNAPSHOT.