So long, Chris Lytle, thanks for the memories.

Folks that regularly read this blog know that I love Mixed Martial Arts. Sunday night, Chris Lytle showed just what is so special about this sport.

On Saturday night, while walking onstage for his weigh-in, he gave UFC president Dana White a letter. That letter thanked Dana and co and announced that his Sunday bout about against Dan Hardy would be the last of his career.

“I’ve been fighting since ’98, fighting forever, a lot of it is just that I’m not doing my responsibilities like I need to at home,” he said. “I feel like I’m not being the type of dad I want to. I got four kids and lots of times I feel just an immense sense of guilt for not being there in times when I should.”

After twelve years as a professional MMA and Boxing fighter, he has decided to call it quits. Chris, in his post-fight interview, said it is not a matter of not wanting to fight, but rather the realization that his kids have been short-changed in his fighting career. While being interviewed, his eldest two kids joined him in the cage. There was no doubt that his children, in addition to the thousands in attendance, loved and the appreciated Chris. And it was not just family, friends and fans appreciated all he had done,  his recently vanquished opponent, Dan Hardy, stood applauding his accomplishments.

While that might be enough for one to call it quits and still hold their head high, Chris did not simply leave with his dignity, he left with a submission win and $130,000 in bonuses and a Harley Davdison motorcycle. Chris won the Submission of the night and Fight of the Night (with Dan Hardy). Both won him $65,000 and just prior to the fight, Dana White told both Dan and Chris that Hardley Davidson, a sponsor for the night’s fights, decided to the give the winner an HD motorcycle.

I can’t imagine Chris leaving in a better situation.  I want to take a moment to thank Chris for years of exciting fights and to wish him the best in his future endeavors. In addition to his fighting career, Chris is a full-time firefighter in Indiana.

Thank you for many exciting fights and for being an exceptional ambassador for the sport.