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Social Media Tips

As part of Crimespree we are involved with social media. Facebook and Twitter more than anything else. I also am part of at least 6 pages on Facebook and have a number of Twitter accounts. There are some practices which I think are just poor form.

DO NOT go onto someone else’s page and leave links to your book. For one thing it’s rude. You wouldn’t like people leaving things on your page that don’t have anything to do with what you are doing. Also it comes off as desperate. When people leave links on our Crimespree page or Murder and Mayhem or the bookstore I help out or any other page I help run they are usually self-published or with a tiny publisher. Professional authors don’t really act like this and it makes you seem like an amateur.

Don’t Tweet at me with a link for your book. I’m not going to order it; I’m not going to your page. You telling me DEAD PEOPLE SELLING KITES is a great book won’t convince me to care.

usedcarsalesmanWhen you accept a friend request or someone accepts yours DO NOT go right to their page and say “Thanks for friending me/ thanks for finding me” and then leave a link to your books. Again, desperate and unprofessional. You are a writer for God’s sake, be creative.
“Hey John Doe! Thanks for connecting. What are you reading?”
Then maybe you can get around to mentioning your book in a conversation instead of coming off like a used car salesman. There are people I’m friends with in the real world who I won’t follow on social media because they drive me crazy with all the departed pleas for people to buy their books.

I don’t like to do business though instant messaging or chats or direct messages. If you want to ask about Murder and Mayhem, our magazine or anything else use the email addresses. We are easy to find! A quick message is fine, but I am not going to go into details or specifics in messaging.

If you are reaching out because you found us on social media make sure we are who you think we are. We are not a bookstore, we can’t publish your books and if it’s not crime fiction related we don’t cover it.

Social media is a fun thing. But remember, it’s SOCIAL. It’s not a marketing tool, it’s not a billboard. Interact with people. The best buzz your book or whatnot can get is OTHER people posting about it. Updates and actual news is fine, but if all you can talk about is your new book then you will bore people fast.

So, rule of thumb, if it benefits other people, or entertains or informs others; cool

If it is to benefit only you(with sales or clicks or whatever) keep it to a small percentage.


Have fun out there, and remember, it’s not a race.