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some comics news

Comic Book Resources has a nice piece on Cullen Bunn and his series for Oni Press DAMNED Here

Manhunter has been saved again. The revived character’s series has been canceled twice and is coming back again with issue 31. Written by Marc Andreyko and with Art by new series artist Michael Gaydos June 4th will see if the third times the charm. I love this series. I was a fan of the original and I like this new version as well. Kate Spencer is a lawyer who used to work as a prosecutor and went into private practice as a defense attorney. Nice back story with her family and a legacy to the JSA give the series a nice pop outside the time she’s in costume.
If sales are good the title will obviously stick around, so help a guy out and by this!

There are also four trades of the series so far.

Witchblade from Top Cow Comics is heading to a theater near you.
With over 100 Million copies sold of the comic world wide on the last 12 years it was probably just a matter of time, and it looks like the time is now. Filming should start this fall. There is a full article in Variety though they credit the late Will Eisner instead of Mark Millar. I guess the people at Variety don’t know how to use Google….
Top Cow’s Wanted is hitting the multi plexes this summer.