Some great reads

Lobster Johnson
Dark Horse Comics

This is an offshoot from the world of Hellboy and as such it comes with a promise of intricate story telling. The promise pays off, the story is great and very pulp hero feeling. The art fits the era they are writing for perfectly. It’s got giant gorillas and ray guns and spies. What more could you ask for? Another gem from Dark Horse.

B.P.R.D. Garden of Souls
Dark Horse Comics
this shols be out in trade fairly soon. B.P.R.D. has become one of my favorite titles and I think part of the reasonis the way they fillout the characters while still telling stories. We get more and more nuggets about each cast member and it’s done without slowing down the pacing at all. This should beon everyone’s must buy list.

Teen Titans # 51
DC COmics

The titans from the future are back and they want to change the past to save the future, or at least their screwed up future. Their forst appearance was a real hit ans it’s nice to see them return.

All Star Batman and Robin # 7
DC Comics

I know that some people aren’t liking this title much but I have to say I really enjoy the crazy Batman beig written here. It’s off the wall and truthfully the way Batman might act in the real world. I also love the art. If you are a diehard tradionalist you might want to stay away, but if you like to see different versions of your heroes pick this up.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1
DC Comics

1 of 8, another miniseries pretty closely on the heels of the last one. I’m already enjoying the story though the art isn’t as good as the last mini series. Renato Arlem is a fine artist, he’s just not as reat as the last artist they had doing Uncle Sam.
The team seems to be splitting between those willing to work with the government and those who won’t. I think we know how this may end, but I think the ride will be great.

Justice League of America 13
DC Comics

Good art, good story, but I am a little tired of the super gathering of villians going up against the JLA. I miss having just one or two foes who are really clever and wrapping it up in an issue or two. I will say that McDuffie does a very nice job of really using all the players he’s got on hand, he makes every team member seem important. He also did the most important thing, he’s got me interested in what happens next.

Game Keeper 3 & 4
Virgin Comics

Someone mentioned picking up some of the Virgin titles and I opted for the one with Guy Ritche’s name attached. The stroy seems interesting and fairly original. A Father with some real skills getting revenge for his son, but in a very clever way. Andy Diggle does well with these types of stories and again, I want to know what happens next. I also really like the artwork. Mukesh Singj has a inticate yet simple style that is similar to water colors. It adds to the story instead of try to be the whole story. I’ll read more.

Countdone 31 and 30
DC Comics

I’m enjoying this, though I prefer to read it in batches. It’s a little easier to follow if you read four or five in a row. I’m quite enjoying all the alternate earth stuff. I also can’t wait to see what happens with all the monitors. I’m strangley concerned about Jimmy Olsen, at the beginning I was all for seeing him dead, now I want to see him come out ok.

More coming soon. Life has cut into my reading time a bit.