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some recent issues

Captain Action #0

This new series preview looks great. It’s based on the toys from back in the sixties. Moonstone , who is known for revitalizing older heroes and doing a great job, has taken this as their latest project.
Before you even open it, it looks good, the variant I bought as great art on the cover by Gulacy. Inside there is an essay about the Captain, and the opening salvo of this story rocks. The original Captain is dead and his son steps up to set things right. His son is a reluctant hero and a bit of a playboy. However I see lots of potential here for great stories. Fabain Nicieza is writing with art by Mark Sparacio.

Criminal #2

Before I talk about the issue, let me say that the essay in back by Jason Aaron about his favorite tough guys in movies and on TV is great. Read it with a pencil ready because you’ll want to make a list of things to rent or buy.

The issue itself, As always Sean Phillips has done a great job, his work here gets better and better. Val Staples colors are also amazing and add a real atmospheric feel to the whole book. Brubaker’s story rocks. Teeg Lawless as a young man fresh home from ‘Nam. He’s having trouble adjusting, he owes money to the wrong people. And as the story progresses we see him turn into a pretty amoral guy who just wants to make a buck. His descent is not a surprise, but it is painful to watch.
Brubaker ahs a real affinity for writing crime fiction and this series keeps surpassing itself. I really enjoy Ed Brubaker on his superhero stuff, but here he really cuts loose and it’s amazing, it’s like watching Jimmy Page play guitar.

Doktor Sleepless #6

The good doctor takes his nurse on a tour of an underground bunker he has been using. It’s another part of his plan to change the world. We get a little more insight into the doctor, but this is series that needs to be read in order, each issue just a chapter in a larger more complex piece of work. Each issue gives us a little more to go on, and it also adds just a little more mystery.
Ellis obviously has some things to get off his chest about society and I for one enjoy every minute of it. I also think that Ivan Rodrigez is a terrific artist. Stylish and clever and intriguing as Hell this is great reading.

Dreamwar #1

There’s a twelve year old inside me jumping up and down very excited.
On the Earth where the heroes of the Wildstorm Universe live catastrophes have popped up all over. And island growing out of the ocean by Happy Harbor, a giant tower springs up in Manhattan. And the cause? Classci versions of DC characters are showing up. The Teen Titans have popped into Manhattan and Majestic tangle with them while investigating, The Justice League (with a beardless green Arrow!) are investigating, and the Legion of Superheroes are in Russia. This is already great and it promises to be one hell of a great crossover event. Keith Giffin writing with Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott on art. This is on my pull list.

Hellblazer #243

John Constantine goes to Italy to help a priest in trouble, there is a Succubus trapped and she’s causing problems. Luckily it seems John knows her….
Andy Diggle is doing some fine work on this title and it feels as fresh as it did back in its first year, and it doesn’t hurt that John really seems on top of his game. It makes me really happy to see a comic that has been running for so long stay this damn good.

Pigeons From Hell #1
Dark Horse Comics

From a story by Robert E Howard this comic has Joe Lansdale reworking and adapting into a wonderful horror comic. Combining some modern look with classic horror elements this is off to a great start, Nathan Fox has a great style of art for this and I can’t wait to see more.
A quick rundown. A family inherits and old plantation. For generations no goes to it. Now, a young woman and her friends go and it turns out to be haunted, so naturally their car breaks down….

Robin # 173

There is someone running around in a Spoiler outfit and Tim is not too happy about it. Lots of action lead up to a cliffhanger with a reveal of the identity of Spoiler to come next issue. Chuck Dixon is doing a really ass kicking job on this title and I love the intricacies of his plotting. He also does a nice job trying to balance the Tim Drake side with Robin.

Superman 675

Superman fighting with Paragon, attacked by priests from Daxam, teams up with Paragon to fight Daxam priests, and then more fighting…..
There is a lot of action going on here, and yet Busiek manages to get in some character development too. I’m actually impressed with how much fit into this issue. I also have to add that the art by Renato Guedes blew my mind. Clean and crisp and detailed as hell. Plus a gorgeous cover by Alex Ross