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some recent reading

As always this week, Wednesday comics entertains big time. Loving the Metal Men and Metamorpho. Batman is noirish and fun, Hawkman is beautiful.

Poe from BOOM! Studios is cool. I like Edgar helping to solve supernatural crime. J. Marton Mitchell is doing a nice of writing this.

Superman/Batman #63 wraps up a really fun tale with Grodd. You just can’t go wrong with super smart gorillas.

Brave and the Bold #26 was fun. I saw Xombi on the cover an was under impressed, but the story was really good and the art rocked. A nice spooky story.

Hellblazer #258 wraps up a tale of John screwing around with love potions. Once again, it sucks to be Constantine. Fun read.

Batgirl #1
well… the mystery is over, Batgirl is Stephanie. Not really surprised. We’ll see how this plays out. I’m curious to see what is up with Cassandra and the relationship to events and how Barbara reacts.

Invincible #65 is an aftermath issue, but it seems to be setting up something and I can’t wait to see it. Kirkman does a really nice job writing this and keeping people guessing. I also love the letters pages.

Blackest Night Superman is crazy. James Robinson is stepping in to help geoff Johns screw with the whole DC Universe and it’s a load of fun. Creepy horror film feeling to the book. More please.

Darkness #78 from Top Cow written by Phill Hestor is great. Love the art from nelson Blake II. Jakie’s back and pissed and re establishing himself. Loads of action.

I sat and read the first four issues of Ignition City from Avatar again. Damn cool book. Pulp feeling with a bit of classic Sci Fi thrown in added to Warren Ellis’s wonderful dialogue and drama. Good stuff.

Wormwood, the Last Battle from Avatar. Got the preview issue. Love these characters and can’t wait for this to kick it into high gear. Garth Ennis having fun with great art form Oscar Jimenez

Adventure Comics #1, Superboy is back and living in Smallville. All is right with the Super World.
Dominic Fortune by Howard Chaykin from Marvel max #1 is loads of great pulp feeling adventure. This is the kind of stuff that reminds me why i love comics and Chykin writing and drawing makes me a very happy boy.

JSA Vs. Kobra #3 (of 6) Eric S. Trautmann is doing a great job on this book. It feels like classic JSA with a extra adventurous angle to it. Great art by Don Kramer as well. I love the JAS taking on Kobra in a allout action story.

Unwritten keps getting more and more interesting. Mike Carey is THE MAN.

Just a short wrap up of the comics I read in the last week or two. Blackest Night has been at the top of my pile each week and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to reread it all in one sitting.

It makes me very happy that every week I’m finding stuff to read that I really enjoy, and from all the different companies. Some more trade reviews coming soon.

By the way, the next Crimespree(issue 32) will have an interview with Mike Carey and we talked to him about Unwritten and his wonderful novels featuring Felix Castor. the new one, DEAD MAN’S BOOTS is terrific.