Some tidbits for Gone Baby Gone (including release date.

For me, one of the most eagarly awaited films this year is Gone Baby Gone. I am a huge of Dennis Lehane (author of the awesome book of the same name) and have been anticipating this film for quite some time. Hoping and praying that director Ben Affleck does the novel justice.

As a result of this, I have been keeping my nose to grindstone, my ear to the ground, my eyes glued to…you get the idea.

Here are some assorted tidbits. Some of these may already be known to some of you.

*Gone Baby Gone will have a limited release on Sept 27, that is official. I have been told, but this is not confirmed, that the nationwide release date is Oct 5th.

*The film is carrying an R rating, which should be no surprise to anyone that has read the book. The scene where they enter the house of the child molesters is supposed to be every bit as disturbing as it is in the book.

*I spoke with somebody that had seen a very early cut of the movie and he enjoyed it quite a bit. He said what he saw still needed a lot of editing, but that it was good. This jives with comments I have read.

*Casey Affleck is said to pull off the role (of Patrick), with a hardness not previously seen by him.

*The rapper Slaine is supposed to be quite good as Bubba. This is good to hear as a weak Bubba would simply crush me.

*Michael K. Williams is Devin. Williams is best known for playing Omar on HBO’s The Wire. This should be fantastic, Williams is amazing as Omar.

*John Aston is playing Poole, Remy Brousssard’s (Ed Harris) partner. Aston is an excellent character actor is best known as Det. Sgt. John Taggart in Beverly Hills Cop I & II.