Some tidbits for season three of DEXTER.

Zap2It did an interview with Dexter’s exec producer Clyde Phillips. Mr. Phillips gave folks some idea as to what to expect this season on Dexter.

Here are some of the tidbits:
*The code Dexter got from Harry is evolve and change.
*James Remar (Harry) will still make appearances. Instead of being in flashbacks, it sounds like he will be a part of Dexter’s sub conscious, with Dexter debating things with him.
This makes me happy, as I am a fan of Remar’s work in general and have really enjoyed him on Dexter.
*Jimmy Smits character, Miguel Prado takes a liking to Dexter and they become friends. This relationship will play a big role in the continued evolution of Dexter as a person, much like his relationship with Rita has changed him in the first two seasons.
*Deb will have a solid relationship.
*Batista also gets a relationship. Can I say it is about time? We saw his marriage collapse in season one, he got a little somesome in season two, but at a terrible price. He deserves some happiness.
*Masuka will continue to be a crude, foul mouthed perv, but a more successful one.

In addition to Jimmy Smits and Valerie Cruz (Who plays Jimmy’s wife), Dexter will see a few other fresh faces:
Desmond Harrington will play Joe Quinn, Doakes replacement. Quinn is a former narcotics officer that is also being investigated by Internal Affiairs. Harrington has spent time on Rescue Me (Troy), Sons and Daughters (Wylie) and the short-lived remake of Dragnet.
David Ramsey comes on board as a confidential informat. The only other tidbit mentioned is that he is also a musician and, though he starts out as an informant for Quinn, ends up as an informant for Deb…hmmmm. David has been on a number of television shows, including Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, CSI and NCIS.
Anne Ramsay is Ellen Wolfe, a defense attorney that becomes friends with Lt. Laguerta. Ramsay was a regular on Mad About You (Lisa) and has had recurring roles on Six Feet Under, The L Word and Dharma and Greg.

Season three of Dexter starts, on Showtime, on September 28th.