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Sometimes – Reading Robert Evers

Sometimes I don’t go to sleep.
It makes my wife a little worried.
But I need to be up.
I have things to do.
Things important and deep.
And I refuse to feel hurried.

And really, I’m just not tired

I’m not.

And sometimes I stay up because I need to read.
A book so good that I’ll make coffee at 2:00 am to help me stay up.

The latest book to do this to me was Robert Eversz ZERO TO THE BONE.

This is book five in the series featuring paparazzi photographer Nina Zero and I think it’s the best yet. Nina is an ex-con working for a tabloid paper in Hollywood. Through out the series we see Nina go through changes. This book is no different. She has to face past issues with her Father and is also looking at the end of her parole. She is also talked into exhibiting her photos for the fist time and be taken as a serious photographer.

Naturally something goes wrong, as one of the models Nina had shot for the show goes missing, presumed murdered. Nina is drawn into the case because of a DVD sent to her with what looks like the murder taking place.

What really makes this series, and this book in particular work is the fact that Eversz writes great characters. They are real people dealing with real things. The action is smooth and the pacing perfect.

Eversz spoke on his last tour about doing a five book arc and bringing the series full circle. I think he has done that and done it exceedingly well. There was talk of spinning off another series with one of the supporting characters that might feature an occasional glimpse of Nina. I’d sure like that, but the truth is Eversz is so damn good I’d read a grocery list. I trust that what ever the next book is it will be great.
Meanwhile if you haven’t read this book, or God forbid, the series, get going!