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Sony Options Olen Steinhauer’s Milo Weaver Novels

After sitting in limbo, at Warner, for years, Olen Steinhauer’s Milo Weaver has a new cinematic home.

Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to THE TOURIST, as well as THE NEAREST EXIT and AN AMERICAN SPY. The three novels feature U.S. government spy Milo Weaver. At the start of THE TOURIST, Milo has retired from the field and is now working an office with the CIA. But things go down and draw him back into the middle of a world filled with espionage and deception.

As I mentioned, THE TOURIST was collecting dust as Warner for years. Back in 2008, word came that George Clooney was looking to star (it was his production company that Warner acquired it for). But Clooney was already attached to enough projects to last a life time and nothing came of it.

According to Deadline, Doug Liman is expected to direct. After getting notice for SWINGERS, Liman became a Hollywood darling with THE BOURNE IDENTITY. He has since made MR & MRS SMITH and FAIR GAME as well as the stinky JUMPER.