Sophina Brown joining Numb3r’s cast.

Numb3rs has found their Nikki Donati.

When Diane Farr left the show, I mentioned that the new character was named Nikki Donati. At the time, no actor had been cast.

CBS has announced that Sophina Brown has been cast in the role. Brown recently played Raina Troy on Shark (also on CBS) and has appeared on Without a Trace, Law & Order, the Dave Chappelle show and even had a bit part on Numb3rs.

The role is listed as recurring, but if all goes well, she will be a regular.

The character is described as “Nikki Donati, a 27- to 35-year-old ex-LAPD officer who joins the FBI in search of a “bigger and badder” challenge. She’s described as a full-blown adrenaline junkie whose gritty street perspective makes her a great foil for her boss.”

I am happy to see they are not adding a character simiar to that of the departing Farr. Better to take it in a different direction than try to duplicate the character.