SOUTHLAND killed prior to start of season.

Before even getting to begin it’s second season, the crime drama SOUTHLAND has been offed by NBC. The show was slated to start season two on Friday, October 23rd.

The show initially did well in the ratings and garnered praise by critics, yet NBC is sporting five less hours of primetime (because of Jay Leno’s new show) so space is at a premium. SOUTHLAND has six episodes in the can, but it is not known whether or not those eps will be aired.

Today, cast member Michael Cudlitz shared his thoughts with

I’m pissed off. We had all the pre-season stuff, all the dinners and parties. They told us they loved and believed in the show. They said the [delay] would be good for us. On paper it all made sense so I was willing to believe I was being told the truth… I don’t just walk in one day and go, “Eh, I’m not going to act today. I know I told you I was going to act, but I’m not going to do my thing.” But I guess because they own the ball and the ballpark they get to do that. It’s kind of cheap.

Exec producer John Wells’ reaction was a bit more…diplomatic and he expresed hope on finding a new home for the show.
Wells to THR:

“I’m disappointed that NBC no longer has the time periods available to support the kind of critically-acclaimed series that was for so many years, a hallmark of their success. We remain extremely proud of ‘Southland’ and are actively looking for another home for the series.”

I think that either FX or TNT would be a great home for SOUTHLAND. At a time where network television is trending towards non-scripted shows, basic cable is embracing drama and taking home more and more awards for them.

SOUTHLAND was well-regarded, but does not have a big name cast so the cost should not be too high. TNT is losing SAVING GRACE next season, this would be a solid replacement.