SOUTHLAND may be TNT bound.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that John Wells and TNT are in discussions to bring the newly offed SOUTHLAND to TNT.

Last week, I mentioned that I thought TNT would be an excellent home for the series. SAVING GRACE is heading into it’s last season and TNT is agressively moving forward with scripted original programming. I would bet that the price tag for SOUTHLAND is less than that of SAVING GRACE, and SL has gotten good press from critics. The numbers that make it iffy on broadcast television would make it a winner on basic cable.

TNT has been hanging it’s hat on crime shows, with LEVERAGE, SAVING GRACE, THE CLOSER and DEEP BLUE.

The article does mention that DEEP BLUE’s fate is still up in the air. I enjoyed it for the most part, but would like to see them develop the characters a little more.

I hope this deal gets done. SOUTHLAND deserves a better fate.