Directed and Written by Richard Tanne

Starring: Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers

If Barack Obama were running for his second term this year, this would fall into the category of a campaign film. It offers little in the way of a critique of either Michelle Robinson or Barack Obama. Both are seem through the hazy summer light of 1989. Yet we don’t mind. Or at least I didn’t. It was perfect late summer viewing and a fine two-hander from two actors I haven’t seen before.

This was the summer they met: Michelle, a second-year associate at a Chicago law firm and Obama, a summer intern. The movie details their first date-although she was reluctant to call it that. We get a better portrait of her family life; his we only hear about. Obama gives an inspiring speech; they argue, talk politics, are charming, give intimations of what they will become. He’s given a few flaws: smokes, has anger issues with his father. Michelle is nearly perfect in every way. That’s about right.

Patti Abbott