Spencer Quinn’s Shot From The Road


The saguaro cactus plays an important supporting – even symbolic – role in SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY. Just check out the cover! Saguaros are often used in an emblematic way for the West in general, but in fact they’re only found in the Sonoran desert (southern AZ and northern Mexico), as well as a few pockets in southeastern California. A giant man-made saguaro is the cause of something scary happening at the end of the new book, so when I saw this rather menacing specimen on my tour, I couldn’t resist. There’s something magical, both good and bad, about the desert and I see it in this photo. The location was Scottsdale, where I was appearing at the great Poisoned Pen. (And many thanks to Evelyn.)

Spencer Quinn is the author of seven previous bestselling Chet and Bernie mystery novels as well as the middle grade novel Woof. He lives on Cape Cod with his dogs Audrey and Pearl. When not keeping them out of mischief, he is hard at work on the next Chet and Bernie mystery. Keep up with him—and with Chet and Bernie—by visiting SpenceQuinn.com.