Spreading the Word

This past weekend Jon and I got to spend time with the wonderful Jen Forbus.

Amongst the topics, because we love books… how to spread the word about titles, series, imprints and small presses. Once again I’m reaching into the ether to ask for a little help from all of my social networking friends. Many of us have the genre in common but very different tastes. I’d love for everyone to chime in.

I’d love all my internet blogging friends to link to this if they think this is a worthy project. I’d like everyone who intends to respond to respond by January 30th at 7:00 p.m. west coast time.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you read more than most people you know. You want the mid-list to be viable. So below is a series of questions. You can answer some or all. You can be attributed or not. Respond right here or in a face book note. You may want to e-mail me. I’d like to here from everyone who’s part of this book world. Readers, writers, publicists,editors, publishers. Together let’s help the reader who’s stuck in a rut reading the same four authors find a way to expand their reading horizons.

My e-mail will be posted in the first comment

Remember, it’s about the mystery & reading.

What’s your

1.) favorite book review site?
2.) favorite mystery blog?
3.) favorite mystery personality on the web and how do people find them?

1.) Writer’s work would you recommend to the majority of people requesting new names?
2.) Imprint is your “go to” “I know I’m going to enjoy this”? imprint
3.) Small Press do you hunt out?
4.) Indy Book Store always has great recommendations?
5.) Award Shortlist do you always make sure to read?

To match you up with the people reading the results

My favorite kind of mystery is?
The three authors I never miss are?
I read _____ books a year?
I spend my book budget?