Starter Wife – USA Network – May 31

The Starter Wife debuts this weekend on the USA Network. Crimespree has received an advanced peek. You may ask why. Here at the office I did. Crimespree/Chick T.V. It hardly seemed simpatico.
That said, The Starter Wife is several delightful hours of television. Debra Messing’s return to T.V. is a triumph. Will & Grace may have been blessed by a great cast but the formula grew stale. I’d forgotten what a good actress Messing is; why she made an immediate impact on television with a guest starring role on N.Y.P.D. Blue. Her work here appears effortless. Which explains why a Crimespree Publisher sat down to take a cursory glimpse of the show and didn’t come up for air for the duration.
The story is based upon the book by Gigi Glazer. Messing plays Hollywood Wife Molly Kagan. We meet Molly on the last day of her marriage. She’s making the rounds; school, yoga, lunch with the girls and a Hollywood Premiere.
Hubby calls from a hotel and delivers the news. Quickly shunned by all but her nearest and dearest Molly moves into a pal’s Malibu property and gets on with it.
Jon Avnet moves the story forward with a light but sure touch. There is mystery within this tale. You want to know what will happen to Molly, her friends and their spouses. Full of laughs, Hollywood politics, a dab of intrigue and a whole lot of heart The Starter Wife will leave a smile on even the most cynical of lips. And Joe Mantegna rocks as a romantic lead.Ruth Jordan