STAY by Victor Gischler Reviewed

Victor Gischler
June 2015
Thomas Dunne Books

David Sparrow spends his days being the best stay-at-home dad in history. Behind his back, other parents love to make him the center of emasculating jokes, but he always keeps his cool. That is until his wife, the deputy district attorney inherits a case prosecuting the crime lord of all crime lords. When the criminals bring the fight to David’s doorstep, the veneer of the gentle family man vanishes and is replaced by the man he once was, a ruthless man who will do anything to protect those he loves.
has the unique gift of being able to write intense action and brilliant comedy in the same moment. As he eludes murderers in the family van, shooting out the windows, David is also making a game of it for the kids to hide the reality of the danger they are in. The juxtaposition of the two is simultaneously hilarious and thrilling. This book proves Gischler’s skill as the master of the game.

From post-apocalyptic quests, to crooked cops, to a mutant mercenary, Gischler takes all genres in his unique and intelligent stride. This book is as real as it gets and highlights the skill that pops out of every sentence he writes. No summer blockbuster is as intense as this book, and no hero more charming and fantastic as David Sparrow. I am a huge fan of everything Gishler has done, but I can honestly say no book of his has thrilled me as immensely as STAY. It is the perfect thriller wrapped in a sweet suburban theme and I hope that we’ll see more David Sparrow in the future.
-Bryan VanMeter