Steve Zahn to battle Timothy Olyphant in A Perfect Getaway

It looks like Minnesotan Steve Zahn is going to take a plunge into the area of serious leading men.

Zahn has signed on for A Perfect Getaway.
Zahn will play a newlywed husband. He and his wife are enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii when they run into a pair of hikers. These hikers are actually killers.

Naturally these honeymooners quickly find themselves the targets of said killers.
Timothy Olyphant (Die Hard IV, Deadwood) will be playing one of the killers.

David Twohy wrote the script and will be directing. Twohy previously wrote G.I. Jane and Waterworld (Yikes!) as well as having both written and directed the excellent Pitch Black and the somewhat less excellent sequel The Chronicles of Riddick.