Forge Books
August 13th, 2013

Caitlin Strong is five feet seven inches of gun slinging, tough talking, badass Texas Ranger. In STRONG RAIN FALLING, Strong and Cort Wesley Masters are the victims of two separate attacks by gunmen. Neither would be surprised if someone with a grudge from the past had come back to settle scores, but they are shocked when they learn that the actual targets are Masters’ two teenage sons.

Strong is also called to the scene of Willow Creek, a small Texas ghost town where five Mexican children have been found brutally slaughtered. Back in 1919, Strong’s Texas Ranger grandfather and great-grandfather also investigated a massacre in Willow Creek, and uncovered the beginnings of drug smuggling between Mexico and the United States. Caitlin knows that the incidents are more than coincidence. She and Masters begin to uncover the connections between all three incidents, revealing a plot to settle ancient scores, but can they stop a powerful criminal enterprise to save Cort Wesley Masters’ sons—and the United States itself?

The Caitlin Strong novels are a thrill a minute with perfect aim and high body counts. Strong is a tough as nails heroine that prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. Land perfectly captures the “Don’t Mess With Texas” spirit and seamlessly weaves modern day and historical events, tying together the old West with today’s terrorist threats.

Erica Ruth Neubauer