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If you are thinking of submitting anything to this magazine for print or online, please let the person you contact know your name, whether you are the author or publicist, what the ideas for an article are and the name of the current title of your latest published book. Thank you.

When sending in articles, please attach as a Word doc with the simplest formatting possible. Preferred font is Arial or Times New Roman.

Articles: If you are an agent/publicist/writer, please take the time to peruse the site to get a feel for what we publish. In addition to interviews, we have articles such as:

  • 5 Things (in which the author can write about five favorite books, five influences, five favorite writers, etc)
  • Cooking with CrimeSpree (in which the author submits a recipe with some photos of the process)
  • Behind the Book (in which the author describe how their book came about)
  • Author Work Spaces (in which the author provides photos of their workspace as well as brief descriptions)
  • Pet Spotlight (in which the author submits photos of pets along with anecdotes about them) 

We are open to new things if the idea is well presented. Asking to be interviewed if you are not known to the staff and/or we haven’t read any of your books will not please the gremlins.

Short stories: Submissions are currently on hiatus. Reading, editing and then going over said edits with writers is a timely process. We also have a backlog of stories that we have already accepted.

Art: We are not looking for submissions of this type.

Reviews: If you would like to write reviews, please let us know which titles you are planning to review. We hopes to keep the titles current and to not oversaturate any particular author.