SUITS – New USA Network Show

USA network has used the motto “Characters Welcome” and their ever growing line up of original programming reflects that.
I had a chance to see the pilot and second episode of Suits, a new show debuting Thursday night (June23rd) 

Here’s a quick run down:
Harvey Spector (played by Gabriel Macht) is the go to guy at a very prestigious law firm in New York, he’s the guy who gets things done and is very charismatic. Harvey is told by his boss he must hire an associate and while very reluctant to hire some young snotty ivy leaguer to work with he stumbles across Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams). Mike is our connection to this world,  while brilliant he is a bit of an everyman. He has a photographic memory and all the street smarts you could hope for. Mike has promised his Grandmother he would live up to his potential, and it seems like Harvey is going to bring that out of him.
The show’s catch phrase is “Two Lawyers, One degree”. Mike never graduated law school, though he has taken the tests for other people and passed a few times already.

Both Mike and Harvey are likable guys, they take down corporate big shots, and bullies. You can’t help but root for them to win. The office is populated with some other great folks, the managing partner is played by Gina Torres who is just terrific in this. Harvey’s secretary Donna is great as is the research assistant with a phobia for taking tests. And of course the in house nemesis, Louis (Every show needs a Frank Burns and Suits has Rick Hoffman playing the slimy guy we love to hate).

The production values are high and it felt like watching a film, not a weekly drama. Big scenes, great writing and yes, wonderful characters. I look forward to lots more episodes of this really well done new show.

Jon Jordan