Summer Reading List from Once Upon A Crime

There are plenty of wonderful book stores out there, but Once Upon A Crime holds a special place in the hearts of the Crimespree crew. We celebrated our 50th issue there and it feels as much like hone as a book store can. Pat and Gary were kind enough to offer up some reading suggestions for the upcoming Summer:

Reed Farrel Coleman “Hollow Girl” (this one’s already out – it’s hard to say that we’re really looking forward to it since it is, sadly, the last “Moe”. But we couldn’t wait for it to get released ’cause it features homicide detectives Frovarp (Pat) and Shulze (Gary). “Them two are real ball busters, especially Frovarp. Watch yourself with her.”

Out today: Joe Finder “Suspicion”, Terry Hayes “I am Pilgrim”. Great thrillers – the “Pilgrim” is a debut. Don’t be daunted by the 600+ pages.

And eagerly anticipating:
Michael A. Black “Chimes at Midnight”
David Housewright “The Devil May Care”
Chevy Stevens “That Night”
Taylor Stevens “The Catch”
Jennifer Hillier “The Butcher”
Paul Doiron “The Bone Orchard”
the 2 Brads: Taylor (“Days of Rage”) & Thor (“Act of War”)
local hero Wm. Kent Krueger “Windigo Island”
and –can’t get enough of Chet & Bernie– Shamus’ pick: “Paw and Order” by Spencer Quinn

Gary & Pat

You can find ONCE UPON A CRIME on the web here