Summit Entertainment announces release date for ALEX CROSS.

Summit Entertainment has announced that ALEX CROSS (previously I, ALEX CROSS) will be released on October 24. The film features Tyler Perry as James Patterson’s iconic detective and is directed by Rob Cohen.

The film is apparently based on a couple different novels so I am not totally clear on just what the hell goes on, but it is known that Ed Burns plays Thomas Kane, the partner of Cross and that Matthew Fox is Michael Sullivan. Sullivan is known as The Butcher of Sligo and is a professional hitman as well as being an all-around nut-job.

Once upon a time, Idris Elba (THE WIRE, LUTHER) was going to play Cross and David Twohy (PITCH BLACK, A PERFECT GETAWAY) was going to direct. But then the cinema gods frowned on the project and things changed. Maybe I am being mean, but I just don’t see Perry delivering the goods here and Cohen’s past gives no suggests that he can do anything but popcorn flicks.