SUNSET BOULEVARD Blu-ray to be released in November

If not for William Holden, I would have likely not known of SUNSET BOULEVARD until I was a full fledged adult. But as a teen, I became a Holden fan (Stalag 17 did it for me) and made a point of tracking down his films. SB is noir through and through.  How many other films tell you, right off the bat, that the main character is dead?? And now the classic will finally be released on Blu-ray. Paramount has announced it will release a BD of SUNSET BOULEVARD on November 6th.

This release will feature a new restoration that, according to Paramount, will be faithful to the original look of the 1950 classic.

The restoration team secured a vintage print made at the time of release from the Library of Congress to view and study the tones and extensively researched documentation from the production to accurately present the director’s original vision. Although none of the original nitrate materials survive, the restoration team conducted a worldwide search for the earliest generation elements, ultimately using an acetate 35mm duplicate negative as a primary source for scanning at 4K to create the highest picture quality possible.

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