Sunset Song
Directed by Terence Davies
Written by Terence Davies based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Starring: Agyness Deyn, Peter Mullan, Kevin Tavendale, Daniela Nardini

Sunset Song is a classic in Scottish literature. It took a director very sure of himself to adhere so closely to both the text and the style of film-making that would render it authentic. This makes for some slow patches, but there was no other way to tell the story.

Written in 1932, it traces the life of a Scottish farm girl from 1910 until the end of the first World War. Hers is not an easy life and her vicissitudes are painful to watch. An abusive father has a single good moment in his time on the screen. An early, joyous marriage turns sour when the War calls her husband away.

But it is the land that endures. Chris (Deyn) is highly capable and because she values the land she’s been given, she will survive. Some lovely music, traditional Scottish songs, add authenticity to the film. This is a melancholy film but you come away from it feeling you have been told a truth hard though it may be to hear it.

Patti Abbott