Supergirl Season One

supergirlSUPERGIRL Season One
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I love comics and so of course I am loving all the comic based TV shows. DC has been doing a great job and there newest addition Supergirl is so good on so many levels. It’s great to see them have a female lead who can really carry the show with seemingly no effort. I also love the rest of the cast and the great story telling.


Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is the cousin of Superman and was originally put in a ship as Krypton was exploding so she could watch out for her cousin Kal-El. The ship went astray and she instead of being the older kryptonian watching over Kal-El she landed years later when Superman was grown. She is place by Superman with a family named Danvers who raise her as their own. Since Superman seems to have things under control she goes on with her life and hides her powers. Eventually a plane accident draws her out to save the day and she decides that National City could use it’s own superhero.
During he the day she is assistant to Cat Grant (played wonderfully by Calista Flockhart) at  CatCo media. Alongside in the newsroom is James Olsen (yes, THAT Jimmy Olsen, plaSupergirl-season-1-episode-18-Flash-crossoveryed by Mehcad Brooks) and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan). Once donning the suit she starts working with a secret government agency, the DEO alongside her adopted sister Alex Danvers and Hank Henshaw who we learn is actually the Martian Manhunter.

The villains she fights come from a couple places, a bunch of the from a crashed prison ship that was in the phantom zone and also some meta humans who gain powers in various ways.  The DEO works to track and stop the aliens and eventually starts capturing super villains as well.

The writing is great and the episodes are fun.   Cat Grant at first seems like she could be at odds with Supergirl but really isn’t. And of course the military pokes their noses in through the person of one General Lane (yes, Lois Lane’s Dad.). My favorite episode may have been the cross over with the Flash just because they all seemed to have so much fun doing that shoot.

This is pure comic book fun and good for the whole family and should satisfy both comic nerds like me and people who have never read a comic book.