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Superman 680 – possible spoilers

Well I picked up the latest Superman by James Robinson and was a little sad to see krypto on the cover. I love Robinson’s writing and I’ve been enjoying his run on Superman. It has a grand scale to it and the battle with Atlas has been superb. At the end of the last issue I saw Krypto come swooping in and I was excited. Superman’s pal coming into save the, protect his master.

So here’s Superman #680 with a beautiful cover by Alex Ross of Krypto. My first thought?
They are killing Krypto. It’s going to be heroic and sad and why would they do that?

After finishing the issue I’m glad to say the dog of still is still here. Thanks guys.

The rest of th issue was great too. A shadowy figure to add mystery, Zatanna’s cousin Zatara has a nice cameo and in the end Superman prevails, as a true hero should, and then he gives it up for Krypto.

Nicely done.