supernatural-season-9SUPERNATURAL Season 9
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There is something about this show that makes me keep coming back for more. Not every episode is groundbreaking but they are all solid entertainment. It’s a great popcorn kind of show that doesn’t usually demand you to give it undivided attention and it’s not hard to follow. But it is fun, A LOT of fun.

The brothers Winchester now have their own batcave, an underground Bunker they discovered that once belonged to “The Men Of Letters” who as it turns out had their grandfather in their ranks. This have given the show a little bit of grounding and we have less hotel scenes, though while fun were getting a bit old. The bunker stores vehicles, information and supernatural artifacts. I think it adds a nice element to the show.

Season 8 ended with a bang (as they all seem to) and all the angels fell from heaven. As we’ve learned on the show not all angels are happy cherubs here to help. Sam is dying after what he went through last season and an angel offers to possess him to help him heal, and of course Dean says yes. And this brings us to this season’s teenage angst angle. Sam and Dean get to once again go back and forth about trust issues and honestly I’ve seen enough of that. (this whole trust issue thing is also overdone on Arrow and was overdone on Smallville) Every season we see a variation of it and it’s getting a little old. 9 years into this it would be nice if the writers figured out that while the show needs conflict it doesn’t need to always be with the brothers.

Slumber PartyAs much as it makes me crazy I still love the show. Crowley is now my favorite character, Mark Sheppard plays him with such glee he steals every scene he’s in. Misha Collins as Castiel was also a stand out this season and his character dealt with being human and regaining the powers of an Angel. The over the season subplot of Heaven being reopened and led by Metatron was played out quite well and done with some great pacing.

My favorite episode of the Season was Slumber Part with Felicia Day returning as Charlie Bradbury. It turns out Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame has been trapped in the bunker, along with the Wicked Witch. Loads of fun and some nice revelations about the bunker and Men of Letters.

This is one of my favorite shows to watch based on pure fun and Season 9 topped that out really well.
Jon Jordan