Miracleman Book One: A Dream of Flying Dec25

Miracleman Book One: A Dream of Flying

Miracleman Book One: A Dream of Flying Marvel Comics Alan Moore Have you heard of Miracleman? Even if you’re into comics chances are you haven’t. It’s a shame but it’s not your fault. Back in the golden age he was a hero called MarvelMan. He was the UK’s answer to DC’s Captain Marvel. It was your standard fun, 50’s “Wiz! Bang!” comics. Then came Alan Moore. The legendary Mr. Moore resurrected MarvelMan. Eventually, the name had to be changed to Miracleman. The series would become one of the most powerful, and important comics ever created. Thanks to legal problems, the series ended in...



April 2009!Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil are at it again and the latest in the journey of this series is terrific. I’ve read this first issue and it was inspired. Interspersed with a soundtrack of sorts sung by a warf woman we see our heroes regrouped under Miss Murray. New characters are brought in and and older one visited. Loads of action, a serial killer and a cult are all part of a days work for this crew and in the hands of Moore these character flourish.This is a don’t miss bookDirect from press release:CHAPTER ONE is set against a backdrop of London, 1910, twelve years after the failed Martian invasion and nine years...