Crimespree Issue 53 Cover Reveal

Going off the the printer this week.

Issue 45 of Crimespree magazine. Feb08

Issue 45 of Crimespree magazine.

The latest issue of Crimespree is at the shippers as of Friday and will be showing up in mailboxes soon. Here’s whats inside the latest issue: From The Editor by Jon Jordan A look at some of our Favorites from 2011 Joe Finder interviewed by Judy Bobalik SPIRIT OF TAKING, fiction by Alec Cizak Our cover story with Hilary Davidson, interviewed by Ruth Jordan and Jen Forbus Gary Shulze talks about the annual Writes of Spring event at Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis Behind The Book with Val McDermid The Accidental Novelist by Daniel Palmer THE HITCHHIKER, fiction by Sel Reece A look at Noir At The Bar by Tim Hennessy Mystery Town with...


Our mailing service is shipping the latest issue, as I type it should be on trucks driven be dedicated postal workers. Jeremy Lynch did a really nice interview with Don Winslow and the guest editorial from Jen Forbus is terrific.In this issue we have:. GUEST EDITORIAL by Jen ForbusLEGACY OF RICHARD STARKHANGING WITH AYO – Q & A WITH JUSSI ADLER-OLSENWHAT HAPPENS WHEN A SPYLOSES CONTROL OF HIS MIND by Keith Thomson                                   FICTION:...



Two hours ago the binder taped up the last box and loaded into the back of a truck, twenty minutes ago the boxes were dropped off here, and now we have issue 35 in our crime-stained hands. Once packed up for the mailing service they should see the post office by Friday and then off into the world to make it on there own. Issue 35 has a great cover story with CARA Black, one of our all time favorite ladies of mystery who has just published novel #10! Here’s the rundown on contents:FROM THE EDITOR BY RUTH JORDAN VIEWER MAIL (NEW) -NEWS BITS THE HOT TICKET BY TONY PERONA WHEN THE POLICE ARE GANGSTERS BY PAT BROWNFOOTPRINTS: AGATHA...

Andrew Grant Interview May19

Andrew Grant Interview

This interview ran in Crimespree Magazine issue 29Andrew Grant’s first book, EVEN is in stores now. (And signed copies available at some great independent bookstores, like Mystery One in Milwaukee)He was recently featured in the New York Times with his brother Lee Child. (But we interviewed him first!Jon Jordan: Even comes out May 12th, is this the first book you wrote, or the first one you sold?Andrew Grant: Both!JJ: How long did it take to write EVEN?AG: The basic ideas for EVEN were taking shape in my head for a couple of years before I quit my job, but once I was ‘free’ it took me almost exactly eight months to write the book.JJ:...