Five Cop Shows That Influenced Me

Five Cop Shows That Influenced Me When is set out to write my PROSPERO’S WAR speculative crime fictions series, my goal was to combine all the things I loved about great cop shows with the world building I am used to using in contemporary fantasy novels. In fact, the idea for the series came while watching a popular crime fiction show, and I thought it would be fun to recap some of the excellent TV writing that influenced these books. 1. THE WIRE. Everyone says The Wire, right? But I really mean it. It was while watching an episode of this series that my idea for the Prospero’s War series came to me. I think it was a scene where Omar was...

DEXTER: The Complete Final Season

Paramount Home Entertainment November 12th, 2013 All good, and bad, things must come to an end. In September, Showtime’s DEXTER aired it’s last show. Paramount decided to move swiftly and release the DVD just two months after leaving the airwaves. For many shows, the final season is one or two seasons too many. But Dexter, in my opinion, stumbled in the middle and came back strong in the last few seasons. Much of what happened in the end was in the minds’ of the writers and producers a few years ago and the strength of their vision really shows. Characters from the past return and new characters, some of whom have had in...

DEXTER: A look at Dr. Evelyn Vogel.

The latest Dexter promo for season eight gives us a look at The character Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), a neuropsychiatrist whose expertise is psychopaths. Dexter’s final season kicks off, on Showtime, on June 30th.

Official trailer for Season Eight of DEXTER.

On June 30th, we start the beginning of the end. The season eight premiere of Dexter airs 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.

DEXTER: New promo looks at Deb Morgan.

With less than two months until the final season, the crew behind DEXTER are slowly setting the story for the killer’s last go around. In the latest promo, we see the evolution of Deb Morgan, his sister, from a rookie cop to a season one to a killer. Her love for Dexter has brought her to a very dark place, is it one from which she can return? Season eight of Dexter begins on June 30th on Showtime.