Photos from the Gary Schulze Open House Apr25

Photos from the Gary Schulze Open House

On Saturday, freind and family gathered at Once Upon A Crime to remember Gary Schulze, former owner of OUAC and all-around class act. I would love to write several hundred words about what a great guy he was, but I truly doubt I could possibly do him credit. So instead, I want to share some pictures from the event       Gary was a wonderful man whose passion for crime fiction was matched only by his knowledge, he will be missed.



April 24th saw the Twin Cities literary community come together to morn long-time bookseller Gary Shulze. Shulze and his wife, Pat Frovarp, had co-owned Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis, MN, for the past fourteen years. They worked to make Once Upon a Crime the hub of the Minneapolis mystery community. Readers and authors took to the Minneapolis institution not only because of its vast inventory of new and out-of-print books, but because of the welcoming nature of Shulze and Frovarp. Shulze had been fighting leukemia since 2007, and the disease had returned in 2014. Circling the block on a rain soaked Sunday as we looked for a place to...

TRUTH ALWAYS KILLS and Thoughts of Gary Shulze Apr17

TRUTH ALWAYS KILLS and Thoughts of Gary Shulze

TRUTH ALWAYS KILLS and Thoughts of Gary Shulze by Rick Ollerman My latest book, TRUTH ALWAYS KILLS, was dedicated to Pat Frovarp and Gary Shulze, the former owners of that fine Minneapolis independent crime fiction bookstore, ONCE UPON A CRIME. Unfortunately, we lost Gary to leukemia just last week, just days before I was due to hold a signing at the store on a date that Gary chose himself. I never imagined he wouldn’t be there to see it. The book itself isn’t particularly Gary-like, other than that he appeared to like the thing. He sent me an e-mail saying how much, and that certain lines stayed with him, and he quoted a few of them back...