THE GOVERNOR’S WIFE by Michael Harvey Reviewed

THE GOVERNOR’S WIFE Michael Harvey 2015 Knopf Michael Harvey’s Michael Kelly series has become a favorite and his newest cement’s the deal for me. It’s been two years since Governor Ray Perry disappeared after his sentencing hearing. When Kelly gets an anonymous call followed by a large but anonymous check asking him to find out what happened to the former Governor he begins to dig beyond the stale and all too familiar Chi-Town headlines and delve into a case that cannot be what it seems. At the center of the case is Marie Perry, the Governor’s wife. Was she a co-conspirator in his escape or a party to his murder? Kelly’s certain there’s...

Easy Rawlins is Back! Feb18

Easy Rawlins is Back!

In the first Easy Rawlins story since 2007 Walter Mosley has brought back his fan favorite detective in the up coming LITTLE GREEN which goes on sale May 14th from Knopf Doubleday  and June 6th in the UK from W&N. After bursting in to the genre with DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS Mosley has been gaining more fans with each book.  Book twelve of the Rawlins sees Easy waking from a coma and diving right into a case and right into sixties counter culture looking for a missing son of a friend. It’s been a long 6 years, but looks like patience has paid off! Thank You Walter!        

Teen Trends: Gripping Reads Aug05

Teen Trends: Gripping Reads

Editor’s note: Amy regularly writes about young adult fiction in Crimespree Magazine. The following column first appeared in issue 47. It is interesting to see that paranormal elements remain strong in teen mysteries but now cross other genres too like historical settings. More tight, thriller type reads are appearing for teen readers as well. Strong series are welcome in teen fiction where previously they were rare. Audio versions and sequels will keep momentum going as teen literature is devoured by adults as well, with good reason. Kimberly Derting’s third Body Finder mystery, The Last Echo, finds Violet working for a secret law...