SKYFALL blog with costume designer Jany Temime Jun10

SKYFALL blog with costume designer Jany Temime

Here is the latest Video blog for SKYFALL. Costumer Designed Jany Temime talks Craig and how the clothes have changed to suit him.

Blu-ray Review: SPELLBOUND

MGM Home Entertainment Release Date: Jan 24, 2012 SPELLBOUND may be best known as the film that saw Alfred Hitchcock team up with Salavador Dali (Dali designed the dream sequences). But it also noteworthy as it was one of the first films to feature psychoanalysis so prominently. The setting is the suitably creepy Green Manors, an asylum for those struggling with issues (as we would call them today). Gregory Peck arrives and is supposed to be Dr. Anthony Edwardes, a renowned leader in the psychiatric field. Dr. Edwardes is replacing Dr. Murchison (Leo G. Carroll)as  the head of Green Manor after Dr. Murchison has a breakdown. From the moment...

Home Entertainment releases for Feb 9th, 2010

BAD GIRLS OF FILM NOIR: Volume 1 This two-disc set features four classics from the Columbia Pictures vault: “The Killer That Stalked New York” (1953), “Two of a Kind” (1951), “Bad for Each Other” (1953) and “The Glass Wall” (1953). Restored and remastered. Extras: Terry Moore on Two of a Kind, The Payoff-All Star Theatre Episode $24.96 (Sony). In the 40’s and 50’s the juiciest roles for actresses in Hollywood were often in B-pictures that explored the dark side of life: starring roles as cool, calculating gals who could stick a knife in a man’s back and make him like it....